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Swinging couples in Lime Springs, IA

Lime Springs, IA

Nice gal needs a pal!
I'm your typical down-to-earth woman, always treating people with respect and honesty, but I try to live a decent life filled with an indecent amount of sex, nonjudgmental girl who's looking for new things to try out. I prefer to wait until I'm at ease before I jump into something. Commitment-wise, it doesn't have to be serious, so long as we enjoy it. I'm just wondering what's out there that I haven't tried yet. My friends call me a charmer who's always dependable. I've reached the point where it's time to get past my shy nature and meet someone new. I look forward to hearing from you soon, I'm just trying to make it more interesting. Feel free to drop me a line only if you're looking for some discreet fun with no strings attached. I'm straight/. I'm not interested in exploring sex with another woman. I don't consider myself kinky, but I would like to try... Sensuality - like touching and candles and massage - is as important as sex.
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Lime Springs, IA swing club

looking for............
recently divorced, and looking for some new fun. tired of the bar scene, thought i might try something else. used to sex at least every day, can you help me out? married men don't bother, and i am only into straight white guys, all others, sorry but i am not your girl! oh, i am 6' tall, so if your short, your probably not going to make the cut must be confident with who he is, and looking for a playmate. not really looking for a serious relationship, but if it happens, thats great. but having said that, no more one night stands for me! so i like my men tall, must be at least as tall as i am, and gotta love them shoulders! yummy! so far as the rest goes, if there chemistry, watch out, cause i can't get enough!
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I'm Fat, Rude, Crude, Sex Crazy, Ugly, Old. Perfect for you
I'm Fat, Rude, Crude, Sex Crazy, Ugly, Old. And those are my good points. You better be rich, beautiful/handsome, sexy, and ready to go all night long. Make that very rich.
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Location: Lime Springs, IA

Lime Springs, IA pusy

cybersex is fun...lets have some!
i am fresh and i need something more in my life than just the same old usual old things i am used to. i love to talk dirty and be freaky. i am up to anything on anyones mind. all you got to do is ask and we'll talk about it. You better be rich, beautiful/handsome, sexy, and ready to go all night long. Make that very rich.
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From: Lime Springs, IA

Lime Springs, IA adult dating

lookin' for someone to share mah fantasy
i'm all about dah looks babies...das all i want to say...i'm also very good in sports and can kick stay wit' meeh and i'll make ur life a happy one...muuuahhhhhhh someone is sexy, single, luv to talk nasty...someone hoo who luvs meeh because of not how i look but wats inside meeh...u
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