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Swinging couples in Ayrshire, IA

Ayrshire, IA

It's not all about the's about meeting, connecting and making sparks that fly.
I'm new to the area, unattached and very much looking forward to meeting people that I don't have a fudiciary obligation to. In my business, I don't meet a lot of single people, let alone fabulous, carefee couples to click with. It kinda kills the deal when you ask a man if you can have sex with his wife. :-p I've been working so long and being a mom, I forgot what I really like to do. I want to explore the Northwest and what it has to offer. I really like my work, and then mostly enjoy the company of humorous and witty people. I look forward to meeting girl friends and guy friends to hang out with; drink coffee, wine or tequilia, antique shopping, dancing or a brisk walk around the block. Socializing is what I love to do on weekends, be it with friends, family and people who just wanna have fun. I'm looking for friendship, companionship and perhaps some naughty bi-fun if the sizzle is right. I am straight and not wanting a pic of "Mr. Happy". I'm first attracted to a great smile. If you're married and she doesn't know you're here, sorry, I'll have to pass. I'd like to meet fun single men; don't hold this against me, but my naughty side wants to explore a woman, oh, alright, you can bring your husband. If you're looking for some company, searching for electricity, and finding excitement in the too. I get along best with people who have a sense of humor, who get sarcastic humor. If you have a dog you love more than me, don't break my heart yet. If you have a dozen dogs, our time here is thru. If you're someone with a spine, intellegence and charisma, you will win my time and...other things too.
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Ayrshire, IA swing club

If you are strong and talented enough to handle me, bring it on. Remember the mind is the biggest sex organ you have. Impress me in order to get with me. TO THE POINT---LOOKING FOR A SUGAR DADDY.
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Ayrshire, IA swingers

cyber sex, chat and webcam ONLY
I just want to show on cam, cam2cam and chat with people & maybe make some friends from it. TO THE POINT---LOOKING FOR A SUGAR DADDY.
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Location: Ayrshire, IA

Ayrshire, IA pusy

Bi female looking for single men or couples
A trip to the St. Luois area is being planned for this weekend(3/24-3/25). If there are any men, couples, or single ladies that would like to meet for some fun feel free to respond to the ad. I'm looking for down to earth, real people for fun times. Turnoffs are big egos, excessive body piercing and tattoos, and being referred to as an "older woman". I am NOT interested in anal, pain or domination.
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From: Ayrshire, IA

Ayrshire, IA adult dating

I'll suck your BIG dick till you cum in my mouth
I'm dripping writing this. I would like a cock to make me hurt a little. I am a tight little girl and have a huge clit to suck on. Only people with pictures and big cocks. It gets us turned on.
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